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Starter's Kit

Product image 1COOKINA Starter's Kit
Product image 21 box of 2 Reusable COOKINA PAKS barbecue
Product image 31 Reusable COOKINA barbecue sheet
Product image 41 Reusable COOKINA cuisine sheet
Product image 51 box of Reusable COOKINA PAKS Parchminum
Product image 61 Reusable COOKINA Parchminum sheet
Product image 71 Reusable COOKINA GARD sheet

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Want to become a COOKINA fan?

Discover how reusable cooking utensils will transform the way you cook!

  • Grill, Cook, Bake and Steam like a pro

  • Everything you need to discover the COOKINA experience

      *PAKS - US, CAN & International Utility, Design and industrial Patents registered and pending*
      This kit includes
      What's in it for me?

       Everyone needs to start somewhere by getting the complete line of reusable non-stick cooking utensil.  Get 1 box of every COOKINA products at a reduced price and enjoy cooking experiences without the strenuous cleaning chores.  
      COOKINA PAKS allows you to steam on the grill with the barbecue version or in any type of oven with the PAKS Parchminum.
      The barbecue sheet allows you to grill all kinds of food while keeping your barbecue clean.  
      Same for the GARD sheet that will keep your oven from being smeared by spills.
      The Parchminum and cuisine sheet will replace aluminum, wax and parchment paper as an ecological alternative.

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