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BBQ Discovery Kit

Product image 1COOKINA BBQ Discovery Kit
Product image 22 boxes of 2 Reusable COOKINA PAKS barbecue
Product image 32 Reusable COOKINA barbecue sheets

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Want to become the grill master?

Discover how to grill and steam while keeping your barbecue clean as new!

  • Grill and Steam everything without all the mess

  • Avoid burnt food and most flareups but keep the taste and grill marks

*PAKS - US, CAN & International Utility, Design and industrial Patents registered and pending*

This kit includes
What's in it for me?

Our grilling sheets will help you get the perfect meals on the grill, while avoiding most problems such as flareups and charred food which contain acrylamide. 
The PAKS will allow you to steam any kind of food faster than aluminum foil since our products allows a perfect transfer of heat.  
You will only have our products to clean afterward which are non-stick and even dishwasher safe, keeping your barbecue clean looking.
Grill food that could not be grilled without our sheet like eggs, pancakes, little vegetables or anything that would normally fall between the grills.

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