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COOKINA Parchminum

Product image 1Vegtables on a COOKINA Parchminum sheet
Product image 21 Reusable COOKINA Parchminum sheet
Product image 34 laboratory tests for your safety - 550 °F certified, FDA compliant, No PFOA, BPA free
Product image 4COOKINA Parchminum
Product image 5Steaks, garlic & mushrooms on a COOKINA Parchminum sheet grill presentation
Product image 61 Reusable COOKINA Parchminum sheet = 25 boxes of 25 feet of aluminum foil or parchemin paper

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Cook and present like a chef !

  • Replaces parchment, aluminum and wax paper
  • Keep your pans clean
  • Go from oven to table with elegance
  • Avoid food sticking to a any paper
  • Perfect fit for a cooking pan
  • Keeps it's shiny look throughout it's lifetime
Care and use
  • Remove before auto cleaning
  • Clean before using for the first time
  • Soak in warm soapy water to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can be used to Cook
  • Suitable for all types of ovens and microwave ovens
  • Made from food grade non-toxic materials, contains no metal
Instruction booklet

  • Great features better than parchment paper

    I bought this just before I moved and was so busy didn't have time to use it for a couple of months and now that I have I don't make cookies without the sheet its fabulous I use it every time in fact I went out and bought a second one because I usually bake a couple dozen cookies at a time. love it . saves your cookie sheets I haven't baked any cookies without the sheets . thanks hope they last a long time lol - G Clark - Montreal, Qc, Canada

  • Easy clean up!

    I have been using this for the past month or so while I bake chicken or fish and the best part .. the clean up is so easy . Just soak in warm water and whatever seems to be stuck on will come right off ! It has allowed me to almost stop using aluminium foil ! A very happy customer - Mjc245 - Toronto, On, Canada


    I just bought my first Cookina Parchminum and if my first use of it is any indication, I am going to really like it. My chickpea flatbread was a perfect test and I was not disappointed. HappyBaker - Regina, Sk, Canada

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